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Guilt Free Chocolate Order Update

Mario here once again, hoping this email finds you well! As you know, we have been experiencing some issues with staffing over the last few weeks, but thankfully half the battle has now been conquered. The bakery has been able to find staff to bake our Guilt Free Desserts which will be dispatched in the next few days and we are working hard for Guilt Free Chocolates to follow suit. The chocolates are a lot more time and labour consuming to prepare, so although they are not going to be dispatched next week, we can assure you that we're working...


 The dirty keto diet seems like a miracle. It promises weight loss with the freedom to eat anything you want, with a few exceptions: no bread, fruit, sugar and sweets. That means bacon, cheese and pork rinds are fair game—and so is fast food (just nix the bun or crust). How can this possibly work? In all styles of the keto diet, the majority of your daily calories come from dietary fat. You also eat moderate protein and very few carbohydrates—usually less than 50 grams of net carbs per day (about the amount of carbs in two slices of wheat...


Sweeteners are tricky on keto. Carb-dense sweeteners, even "natural" ones like honey, are pretty much out because…well, "carb-dense" really says it all. But 0-carb/0-calorie sweeteners aren’t necessarily perfect choices – some have fillers that can add to the carb counts, while others can cause digestive problems, and there’s a huge open question about how they affect the gut biome. For beginners, here’s a quick overview of four different categories of sweeteners: Sugar (and other names for sugar, like "cane juice") Natural sweeteners (honey, maple syrup, stevia etc.) Artificial sweeteners (brand names Sweet’n’Low, Splenda, Equal, etc.): Saccharin, cyclamate, acesulfame, aspartame, sucralose,...


Heya ,Amrita here, back for another juicy update. You may have noticed I disappeared for a while, and you noticed right! I took a week off, but then the weather decided to be super crap so it made me moody and then my entire week off was just ruined. For more personal life stories that no one gives a damn about, hit me up in the DMs on Instagram.Now...for some information that you're ACTUALLY interested in -- here's the 411 on all things Guilt Free related... GUILT FREE BOX SOOOOOOOO we've finally made the Guilt Free Box subscription LIVE which...

Everything you need to know about the KETO diet! 🍳

Hey there !Andrea from Guilt Free here - how are you doing? I hope you've been well, and treating yourself to some delicious healthy desserts because you sure as heck deserve it! 😊As you probably already know, most Guilt Free customers such as yourself are people who are on a Keto Diet, dabbling with the idea of a Keto lifestyle or simply health conscious kings and queens who want to nourish your bodies with only the best of the best ingredients, recipes and dishes.So....what exactly is the Keto diet? Whilst most people know the basic guidelines of Keto (NO CARBS!!!),...