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Guilt Free Product Updates: 4th September 2020

Howdy DOO, !

Hope you're having a darn splendid day. (Okay, I'll stop with the strange Texan internet accent!).

Amrita here from Guilt Free, back to report some of our newest updates to your lovely self. I am so glad to say that the Guilt Free Box of Keto/Paleo/Vegan Desserts was dispatched last Friday (28th August 2020), and most people have already received their goodies. Fret not if you haven't, we've noticed that some parcels have been delayed by AusPost, but I assure you that you will receive them very very shortly!

Here is your weekly update on all things Guilt Free! 🥳

PS⭐ : Don't forget to get your 10% Discount Code at the end of this email!

Guilt Free Box

Pictured: Raspberry Coconut Slice

Feedback has been great this time round, and lots of customers are LOVING how the treats are now almost 150% of the size they were in the last 2 dispatches. You said and we listened! Based on feedback, we also decided to scrap the Sesame Cookies and instead, we replaced them with Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies (recipe by yours truly, thank you, thank you!) and they're a bloody hit if I must say so myself!

Blueberries were also removed from the Lemon Slice recipe, as we figured out that the moisture content in berries was the culprit for some treats going mouldy the last time round. I'm glad to report that all treats were received in great condition, and if you haven't received yours yet, you're going to love them!

One thing we did want to point out however is that due to the increase in size of each treat, Macros have been amended slightly. So, don't be surprised if you find that your Brownies have a few more carbs in them this time round - this is simply because you have MORE Brownie! After much debate and surveys sent out, we figured it best that we increase the size of the cakes and cookies in order to offer you more BANG BANG for your Buck! Feel free to portion them out yourself based on your dietary needs, of course!

The next baking dispatches will be on the 15th of September 2020 and the 29th of September 2020, so don't forget to put your next order in! The next boxes may or may not have both a new Peanut Butter Cookie and Double Chocolate Macadamia Cookie recipe in it. 😜

Guilt Free Chocolates

Pictured: Vegan Ferrero Rocher

For those of you who have ordered your box of Guilt Free Chocolates, the time has come to C E L E B R A T E! We have finalised ALL recipes and we actually have more than we intended to send out with the Sample Box.So far, our finalised and confirmed recipes include:
  • Vegan Mars & Keto Mars
  • Vegan Snickers & Keto Snickers
  • Vegan Cherry Ripe & Kety Cherry Ripe
  • Vegan Bounty & Keto Bounty
  • Vegan Ferrero Rocher & Keto Ferrero Rocher
  • Vegan Picnic Bar and Keto Picnic Bar
  • Vegan Nutella and Keto Nutella

An Ode to Crunchie: You may have noticed that Crunchie is no where in sight, and we have a good reason for this. So, without boring you with too much of the scientific aspect of candy making, Crunchie was the one that we knew would prove to be the biggest challenge. After all, how does one make Honeycomb WITHOUT processed sugar?

We gave it 7 attempts and used options such as Evaporated Cane Juice, Coconut Sugar and Maple Sugar to make the Vegan version...and all I have to say is "It's a NO from me, Dawg".
Due to the lack of acidity in these unrefined Sugars, the resulting Honeycomb ended up tasting pretty rank (cough disgusting cough) and was just off in texture. Next up - KETO Crunchie.

We tried this with various Keto Sweeteners, from Isomalt to Stevia and Erythritol but at the end of the day, none of them worked. We've decided to completely SCRAP Crunchie, because we believe you deserve the best, and we're not interested in offering sub-par or mediocre sweets! 😊

Pictured: Vegan/Keto Kit Kat Chunky

Lastly, that darn Kit Kat which was giving us trouble last week. Not gonna lie, this wasn't an easy one. At first we used Wafers layered with Chocolate and they just ended up going soggy in under 2 minutes. (Sounds wrong, soz). Next up, we decided to make our own biscuit but we were met with a huge obstacle - the biscuit was crumbling into a thousand pieces when we tried to cut out our cute little Kit Kat "fingers". Back to the drawing board.

Our last attempt saw us cutting out individual Kit Kat fingers prior to baking, and then painstakingly stacking each and every one individually. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome aside, we now have the PERFECT Clean Kit Kat, ready to be devoured by you! We are super proud of this one and I'm certain that you're going to enjoy it. (I mean, just look at that photo!!!!) 😍 😍 😍

Vegan Picnic Bar

Pictured: Vegan Picnic Bar

Finally, before you fall asleep, drool on the keyboard and electrocute⚡⚡⚡ yourself....our Pastry Chef has come up with a BONUS recipe for Picnic Bars (Both Keto and Vegan versions). I'm not sure if you're familiar with the old school Picnic came in a purple wrapper and was a Chocolate Bar filled with Raisins, Peanuts and other luscious stuff. This may or may not be included in our first Sample Box dispatch, but stay tuned because it is DEFINITELY going to join the Chocolate Fam. (THEY ARE DIVINE HOMGGGG).

**DELIVERY - In terms of dispatch, we still have a little way to go. Our finalised recipes now need to be mass produced, and the most challenging bit will be figuring out a way to deliver the Chocolates without them melting into something that greatly resembles a pile of doo doo. 😂 We are most certainly going to have to use some sort of cooler box type alien stuff to deliver the Chocolates, and we're working hard on testing various ones out as we speak! 😊

Guilt Free Cereal aka Spoon Of Health

Last but certainly by no means the least...Guilt Free Cereal (formerly known as Spoon Of Health). If you read last week's update, you would have heard the bad news about both our US based producers backing out due to COVID. Well you know what they say, when God closes one door, he opens another, and another he did!

Here is a direct update from my colleague Hisham regarding our Keto Cereal:

"EVERYONE!!!! Found a factory that already produces for 3 very popular Keto Cereal Suppliers in the US and we are going to use the SAME batter but with our own flavourings to create our very own Cereal flavours YES!!!!!!!!!!

ETA is VERY soon and new/customised flavours will take 60-90 days to complete. HOWEVER, the batter is ALREADY created! So the ETA will be less than our previous 2 producer's ETA! WOOHOO!"


As promised, here is a discount code you can use on any of our Guilt Free Products:

*Please note that each code can only be used once! 💫

And there you have it! The most recent update on all things Guilt Free. As always, we are doing out best to get things rolling and are working round the clock (hello 5am bed time). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. I don't (always) bite! Have a great day !

Guilt Free Goddess