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Heya ,

Amrita here, back for another juicy update. You may have noticed I disappeared for a while, and you noticed right! I took a week off, but then the weather decided to be super crap so it made me moody and then my entire week off was just ruined. For more personal life stories that no one gives a damn about, hit me up in the DMs on Instagram.

Now...for some information that you're ACTUALLY interested in -- here's the 411 on all things Guilt Free related...
SOOOOOOOO we've finally made the Guilt Free Box subscription LIVE which means you can now sign yourself up to a LIFETIME of treats that are recurrently sent to you without you having to life a single finger...we'll do all the finger lifting for you.
We've also been receiving helluva lot of photos, content and reviews from customers which honestly we are so chuffed about and if you'd like to see some of them, I'ma post some photos here and you can also head to our page on Product Review...the proof is in the Guilt Free Pudding, as some ancient philosopher once said.
THIS ONE'S GOING AS PLANNED, WHICH IS SUPER COOL, I'll stop internet yelling now. I'm so happy to say that the chocolates are going to be dispatched (with fully refrigerated shipping methods which are far beyond the comprehension of my simpleton brain).

Once again, if you have not filled out the survey letting us know which box you would prefer (VEGAN/KETO), please please please do so by clicking on this link:

Any orders that haven't chosen their preference will be sent out a Keto box by default, so if you are plant-based or Vegan, you're really gonna need to do that damn survey lol!
As you can see above, our colleague Camielle received the cereal samples a week ago and here is what she had to say about them:

They are not overly sweet, but they are better in milk. I don't overly enjoy cinnamon so I am calling in a proxy for that one. He'll try it when he gets home. The fruity one is a go though. Most important aspects for cereal is sink or float? It floats perfectly. In terms of texture it's great and doesn't turn into mush really fast and has a satisfying crunch.

Taste - light, a good hint of fruit but not overwhelming like most brightly coloured kids cereal. Also it didn't break apart in a weird way that would shred the top of your mouth like some healthy cereal does. The shape reminds me of Kix cereal (corn based) but lighter. All of them are equal in size, texture and form which is great! Oh, and how could I forget to mention the smell! They both smell great, so it will draw them in as soon as they open the bag''
Ah, those darn delicious Guilt Free Gummies. we're making great progress with this one, and I'll just copy and paste one of my colleague's feedback here because I'm a lazy ass and it's Friday evening!

"WAY better than drinking ACV straight, that's for sure, they are good, not too sweet, definitely not bitter or sour and a good gummy texture where it holds its shape but isn't too soft or hard. ACV, Elderberry and Tumeric - not overpowering in flavour, the taste is good (Tumeric is even a bit spicy) colours don't look unnatural either! They went over great, everyone loved the taste actually, none of them were overpowering. Tumeric and Ginger had a spicy kick, but everyone seemed to like it!"

As soon as we get more information on a more definitive date, YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW!!!!!
AND THERE YOU HAVE ITTTTTT! Your weekly update on all things Guilt Free....also, stay tuned because we have something really cool coming up for Christmas (in a healthy AND non-healthy option for those who wanna indulge a little because life is short!)

Keen on finding out what it is? You're gonna have to wait for next week's update, so sit tight for now πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

Peace, Love, Sunshine and Rainbows,