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Hey there! I’m Mario and I’m the founder of the Guilt Free Box. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a benign tumour in the head (later known to be a pituitary adenoma). Due to my diagnosis, I had to follow an extremely strict diet in order to fully recover. Unfortunately, I found it near impossible to find beautiful delicious food that catered to my sweet tooth whilst still being HEALTHY and LOW IN CALORIES. Finding low calorie treats was honestly near impossible for me!

Due to a lack of easily available delicious and healthy treats, I made it my personal mission to source the finest organic ingredients to create some of the best diet-friendly desserts you’ve ever tasted. I worked closely with both food scientists, dieticians and nutritionists to ensure that the Guilt Free Box would deliver not just on taste, but also on nutrition. I am so proud of the Guilt Free Box as it has an option for everyone. Whether you’re Vegan, Keto or Paleo, I guarantee you that you’ll absolutely LOVE what we have to offer! 

At Guilt Free Box, all of our products meet strict guidelines: no junk, no preservatives, no additives or artificial ingredients. On top of that, we ensure that all our treats have to taste AMAZING before they hit the market. Say goodbye to cardboard tasting “cakes” and “desserts” and hello to some of the best healthy slices, cookies and brownies that you’ve ever tried. 

Most importantly, we treat the food we make and the people we service with 100% LOVE & CARE GUARANTEED!

I hope that you love the Guilt Free Box as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. Cheers to your health! 

- Mario Nawfal