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Guilt Free Keto Spray

  • Our #1 Selling Instant Keto Ester Spray
  • Lose weight rapidly on a Keto diet without cutting calories!
  • Delicious Salted Caramel Flavour
  • Kill those carb cravings INSTANTLY!
  • 300 sprays per bottle
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


Ketone Ester is the new and improved version of "BHB Salts", or "Raspberry Ketones". It's twice as bioavailable, and has been scientifically proven to put your body into a state of ketosis in a matter of minutes.

Ketone Esters increase endurance and athletic performance and can also lead to dramatic weight loss results. Our high quality Ketone Ester is developed at one of only 3 lab facilities in the world that produce this type of Ketone.

KetoSpray is also the only 'sprayable' ketone, meaning it is sprayed into your mouth for rapid absorption, and maximum bioavailability.


When in 'ketosis', your body is burning fat as fuel, and producing 'ketones' as a source of energy. But this is the catch with Keto diets... if you accidentally have too many carbs (far too easy to do), or even too much protein, your body gets knocked out of ketosis, and you'll feel drained and tired very quickly, as your body starts trying to go back to it's usual fuel source, but has next to none to run on.

KetoSpray solves this problem completely, by literally spraying ketones directly into your body to use as a fuel source, you can be certain that you never feel the 'crash' from accidentally breaking your keto diet, or having a sneaky cheat meal.


Stops "carb cravings" - By fueling your body with ketones, you'll lose the desire for carbs, and end those nasty cravings.

Kickstarts a Keto Diet - Keto diets are notoriously hard to start, as your body transitions from using carbs for fuel to using ketones. When you start, you're running very low on ketones, which makes the first week or two unbearable for many people. KetoSpray fixes this by jacking up your ketone levels from day one.

Constant Mental Focus - By having stable ketone levels throughout the whole day (even if your diet isn't so stable) you can stay focused and alert, with a new level of mental acuity.

Next Level Energy - Having ketones at such a high bioavailability gives your body access to a fuel source it will have never felt before - and this leads to a feeling of non-stop energy.


How long does a bottle last?

A bottle contains roughly 300 sprays (10g of ketone ester per bottle). Depending on your dosage and frequency, this normally lasts about a week. Pro athletes often go through a bottle every couple of days however, and infrequent users get around a month out of it. A typical dosage is about 20 sprays, so you get 15 doses per bottle (and most people end up using it twice a day).

How much do I use?

Most people feel great after 10-20 sprays. Depending on your weight, this will give a solid bump in ketone levels - you can even measure it using a ketone monitor.

When should I use KetoSpray?

It's great to use in the morning to get an energy boost for the day; use it in the afternoon to get through a slump, or use it within an hour of a cheat meal so you stay in ketosis despite having carbs.

How fast can I lose weight?

This depends on a lot of factors, but many of our customers lose up to 10-15 pounds in their first week if they are also doing a keto diet plus some moderate exercise.

Is it safe?

It certainly is! Ketones are naturally produced by the body, and you're just putting in extra ketones by using Keto Spray. It's an entirely naturally produced composition.

Where is it made?

Keto Spray is made in Australia in an FDA-approved facility.

I have a lot of weight to lose, will this help?

Almost definitely. Many of our clients use Keto Spray long-term to get to their target weight much faster; and even continue using it to keep the weight off. Many of our clients have lost over 100lbs by combining Keto Spray with a less restrictive version of a keto diet